What Year Is It?

The current year is

Welcome, time travelers! You, better than anyone, know that time is money. So why waste it trying to borrow a newspaper, or spend time convincing a stranger with no interest to tell you what year it is? Frustrated by banks of confused looks? Ready to save yourself some hassle?

Now, with the help of this site, the question "What year is it?" is answered. This free website can help, presuming you're accessing it after November 22, 2012, when it first launched. Attempts at earlier launches have proved to induce paradoxes; the tail end of 2012 was the earliest safe time we could put this here.

Warning: If you are traveling close to light speed, the time it takes to load this page may mean the date shown above is incorrect.

What Year Is It

No membership is required, though if you happen to be heading to the past sometime in the future, perhaps you could give Randy Tayler some stock tips? Or tell him not to buy his house at the peak of the housing boom -- or at least make a down payment instead of just getting a second mortgage that will eventually leave his home under water? That'd be great.

Note to habitual cryogenics users, or recently awakened coma patients: while this site is primarily designed for use by time travelers, the year is still valid for any user. Yes, it's really .

Note that the site will be offline for most of 2027 because of the zombies.